Residential Ice Machine Repair

Ice machines conveniently make large quantities of ice in a variety of shapes and eliminate the need for re-filling ice trays over and over. Ice makers have a typical lifespan of about a decade. In order to keep them running most efficiently, it is important to maintain and clean the machine regularly. Professionals are able to help with these maintenance services as well as repairs and replacements.

Typically, a homeowner has an ice-maker built into their fridge these days. Just as with any appliance, home ice machines can experience problems from time to time. Repairmen are trained to repair ice makers in home freezers as well as portable ice makers and larger, freestanding units.

Some issues that they encounter include problems with the

  • water intake
  • low water pressure
  • clogged filters
  • defective thermostat
  • water leaks
  • no ice production

To repair the unit, the repairman may have to replace parts on the machine including thermostats, water filters, lines and hoses, motors, condensers and others. In order to replace any parts correctly, the repairman will need to know the model and serial number of your unit. Most repairs are relatively simple and can be completed in one visit.