Residential Heat Pump Repair

When your heat pump is in need of repairs, you will be the first to notice. Keeping your heat pump in good condition ensures a long life and keeping your home cozy no matter the temperature inside.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs

When your heat pump isn’t working as well as it should, it doesn’t mean you have to get it replaced. Most damage can easily be repaired by a licensed contractor. Signs that you heat pump may need to be repaired include:

  • It won’t heat or it won’t cool. If your HVAC system seem to be stuck on one setting, then it’s likely something is going wrong with your heat pump.
  • It’s Making Odd Noises. As with any home appliance, if your heat pump is making a lot of noise, you can assume that’s not a good sign.
  • It’s Gathering Ice on the Coils. If you see ice collecting on the coils of your heat pump, it means there could be a refrigerant leak.

Who to Call

When it comes to your home’s heat pump, it’s important to hire the best contractor in your area. The best contractor for the job will keep your family’s comfort and safety in mind, bringing years of training and experience to the table. If you think something is wrong with your heat pump, don’t hesitate to call a professional for a consultation.