An energy efficiency audit is a comprehensive home inspection performed to identify areas where you may be unknowingly wasting energy. If your bedrooms are too hot in the summer, or if you are always cold throughout the winter, there may be simple solutions. Sealing and insulation will provide better protection against the outside elements, improve comfort, and lower utility costs.

Typically, there are three methods used to identify and evaluate the most cost-saving energy-efficient measures for homeowners.

1. An online energy efficiency audit is a web-based form that takes only a few minutes to complete. A comprehensive overview of the homeowner’s energy consumption is instantly compiled into a final report with money-saving tips, ready for print.

2. A phone audit works much like the online version, except the homeowner, speaks directly to a representative instead of inputting answers. A final report with suggestions on how to improve energy efficiency is also received with this type of audit.

3. An in-home energy and attic efficiency audit are performed by an analyst who will inspect the house to identify any major issues and make suggestions in regards to thermostat settings, ductwork, insulation, heating and cooling units, and more.