Power outages cause unexpected blackouts that lead to many inconveniences that can be avoided with a residential automatic standby generator. Power interruptions put homes and businesses in the dark and cold, and wreak havoc on computers and electrical equipment. For those who rely on steady power to fuel vital medical equipment, an automatic standby generator can be a lifesaver.

When a power disruption occurs, the standby generator senses the electrical outage and automatically activates the safety switch. Before the generator converts its power to the home’s electrical panel, the switch performs a vigilant safety check. Liquid propane, diesel, or natural gas are used to operate the residential automatic standby generator’s combustion engine to avoid any power delays.

Standby generators provide a long-term solution for extended electrical outages. Different than portable generators, they are permanently installed outside the home on a concrete pad and will provide continuous backup for days. This is possible because the units are connected directly to the dwelling’s electrical panel and powered by an external fuel source, such as diesel, natural gas or liquid propane. Smaller, air-cooled units are larger than portable generators and can power a few circuits at a time. Larger, liquid-cooled systems for the whole house will comfortably energize an entire home.