Commercial Walk in Cooler

A commercial walk-in cooler is a large storage unit used to store cold products at refrigerated temperatures. These essential units serve many commercial businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, breweries, florists, food warehouses and convenience stores. They are available in standard and custom sizes, and in a variety of designs to fit different needs. Commercial walk-in coolers come with or without insulated floors. The unit application, location, and the storage need will determine if an insulated floor is necessary or not.

Walk-in coolers for commercial use can be designed to meet the needs of the business. Standard-sized units are readily available and custom-sized walk-in coolers can be produced to your specifications.

Some common options and energy saving features include:

  • Standard double-sealed two-pane glass doors with heated frames and heat-reflective glass. Double-sealed to ensure 74 percent humidity.
    • Center opening double doors (French doors)
    • Low temperature/high humidity
    • European style
  • Standard urethane panels have a federally-mandated R-Value of 25 for commercial walk-in coolers. A higher value will provide greater energy savings over the long-term.
    • Storage overhead
    • High cube designs
    • Roofing for outdoor units
    • Insulated flooring
  • Instead of standard fluorescent T-8 lighting, LED lighting offers a 62 percent energy savings.