Commercial Sheet Metal

Commercial sheet metal fabrication includes a variety of services related to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units (HVAC) in both private residences and businesses. Custom metal duct work can be created to meet a client’s specifications and needs. Sheet metal workers are trained and skilled in using a variety of specialized tools to cut, bend and shape sheet metal with both power and hand tools.

The ductwork is designed using three-dimensional modeling such as BIM or 3D CAD and is then created in a cutting-edge sheet metal facility using the best tools available on the market. Custom-created ductwork ensures that the HVAC system fits perfectly in the space and is able to work efficiently.

Additionally, once the duct work is complete, the actual installation time of custom HVAC ducts is often less than other systems due to the product being custom fitted to the space. Whether it is new construction or a remodel, taking the time to create and install custom duct work is worth the investment of both time and resources. In addition to installing new, custom sheet work, sheet metal workers are able to provide a range of repairs to existing heating, ventilation and cooling systems.