Commercial Rooftops

Businesses have several options when choosing a commercial HVAC system. Commercial rooftop units are among the most popular because of their many benefits. They can be found in a variety of settings, such as schools, offices, and retail buildings. Rooftop units are manufacturer packaged systems that are installed on the roof and connect directly to the building’s ductwork. They can run on natural gas or electricity, and some newer designs even incorporate solar power.

Rooftop units are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They are modular units that can be added to or reconfigured if the building is ever expanded or redesigned. Rooftop units also save space, since they do not take up valuable ground-level real estate inside or outside the building. Today’s units come with energy-saving features, making them an even more affordable option. This is especially important, since around a quarter of commercial energy use is spent on air conditioning and heating. Rooftop units are also relatively easy to maintain. Technicians can access all major components of the system on the roof, rather than searching around the building for various units. Rooftop units require at least annual maintenance checks by a certified technician, with basic maintenance such as filter changing and leak checks on a monthly or quarterly basis.