Commercial Makeup Air Units

A makeup air unit is a large air handler that conditions 100% outside air, rather than recirculating existing interior air. They are commonly, but not always, located on the roof. They can also be installed outside on a curb or stand, or indoors in a mechanical room.

Makeup air units make sense in certain conditions, such as when the air inside a space should not be recirculated. This is common in hospital units, restaurant kitchens, and manufacturing painting units. They are also increasingly popular in buildings zoned for multiple tenants, and in buildings where air quality may be a concern. Industrial and commercial makeup air units are produced by manufacturers such as Trane, Carrier, Titan, and Modine. Buyers can choose a standard design, or have a custom unit produced according to their requirements. Consider initial costs, operating costs, and your commercial needs when deciding if a commercial makeup air unit is right for you.

Rely on well-trained, quality HVAC technicians to install, service, and repair your commercial makeup air unit. Quality workmanship is key, as an improperly installed unit can cause property damage and extensive repair bills. Regular maintenance checks should be scheduled about twice a year.